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Moving Out Of State - A Quick Reference Guide

Moving out of state takes a lot of advance preparation.  There is more than one way to go about the process. One can make the move themselves or hire professionals to do the job. There are advantages to each.

Out Of State Movers

Hiring professionals to do the job saves effort, time, potential physical injuries, and aggravation.  If choosing to hire movers, it is important to make sure the company has any required licensing, insurance, gives a written estimate, and has references. Most important of all, review the contract thoroughly and ask for clarifications if necessary before signing. There are several items to consider when hiring out of state movers including:

  • Find out if the company charges by volume or weight (weight is usually more beneficial for the customer). Be sure the weight only includes belongings and not the weight of the truck.
  • Ask if the company will store items for a short period of time. In many instances families will take several weeks to arrive at their new home. Many out of state movers will store belongings for up to a month before delivering them. This will add to the cost, but it is usually nominal and can save hassles.
  • Keep track of what goes on and off the truck.  A list will ensure there are no missing belongings. Do not sign any final paperwork until every item is in the new home.
  • Unpack as soon as possible and report any damages immediately.
  • If at all possible, pay by credit card. If there is an issue, the charge can be disputed.

I highly recommend comparing prices from multiple out of state moving companies to find the cheapest deals available.  The best site for doing that is here:

Moving Out Of State Yourself

Some consider moving themselves more advantageous. The boxes are all packed , marked, and handled as you wish, you control the time-frame of the move, and it generally saves a great deal of money. Be sure and rent a truck that will hold all of your belongings. If the move is on the same coast, it may be worth calculating if it is more beneficial to get a one way truck or go round trip. If going one way, be sure and figure in the price of towing your vehicle if there isn’t another driver following. Calculating gas is also crucial.  Other considerations and cost saving measures include:

  • Plan several months in advance and look for free boxes at stores, online, and from friends, family, and/or neighbors.
  • Save everything that may potentially be used as free packing materials (old blankets, towels, bubble wrap from shipments received)
  • Get rid of unnecessary items. Donate them whenever possible.
  • Find out what the moving truck company does in the event of the truck breaking down.
  • Ask about insurance. Contact your own insurance company and find out what the truck company offers. It is usually worth the peace of mind to purchase additional coverage to cover potential costly damages.
  • Pack the truck systematically. Put heavy boxes on the bottom, pack tightly to avoid jostling while on the road, and most importantly, load the items in the proper order. Items going in the new home first should be put in the truck last so they are at the front of the truck.
  • Driving a moving truck long distance requires awareness. Know the rules and ask the representative at the company for tips and any necessary clarifications before taking the truck out on the road.

Moving out of state can be equally exciting and nerve-racking. Whether you choose to move  yourself or hire professional out of state movers, having and plan and doing thorough research are the keys to eliminating the stress and enjoying the adventure.

For more money-saving tips for your move out of state, visit this comprehensive guide.  It breaks down all of the different ways to move out of state for cheap, no matter the size or weight of your move.  

Cheap Ways To Move Out Of State